Kristie & Callie at one of the paths to the beach

Enjoy the photos and comments submitted by guests who have stayed with us over the years!


Meet The Barnes Family:

Meet Alison & Samantha:

Alison and Samantha have a lot of fun at Bonnie Doone and wanted to share some of their photos.

Meet The Jones Family:

They are a 4th Generation Bonnie Doone Family who come from all over the US to spend family time together.

Grand Bend Harbour, July 2009

Tom & Dawn Jones of California with 6 grandchildren

Sunset, July 2010

More Jones grandchildren

Tom and Dawn Jones (California) and their family (California, Chicago, Indianapolis) July/2009

Meet The Otzel Family:

This multi-generational family has been staying at Bonnie Doone for almost 20 years.

            Our Grandson & Nephew                                       My Husband's favourite spot                                       The Best Waves!

Meet The Jones/Borger Cousins:

These cousins have been enjoying Bonnie Doone hospitality since 2004. All the photos have been taken across the river showing Bonnie Doone in the background.

                                    2004                                                                   2005                                                                 2006

2007                                                                     2009                                                                         2010

Meet Bayda:

Bayda has been visiting Bonnie Doone since she was two years old. She is looking forward to spending her 5th summer vacation laying around in the sun and catching some waves. Here are some of our favorite photos of Bayda, in one of her favorite places. Paul & Amy D.